How to Take Better Train Travel Photos

For an Internet Rail Travelogue, and for Personal Use.

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(The photo examples are best viewed while online, since some references are to photos on other web pages of mine.)

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8.  Follow the Rule of Thirds

by putting your subject off-center, never in the center.  Place your main subject where the red dot is in the grid below, or at one of the other 3 intersecting points of the 'Thirds' lines.  If you can put other photo elements at the intersecting points, so much the better!  If you have a good subject in each corner of the picture, I guess that's the ultimate.


I'd say I have 3 subjects  near the intersection points in this shot in Ely, NV.  That's Don "Preacher" Roe making his way to our photo train.

Maybe this has a subject in each quadrant.  The flash highlighted the gloves, so I called it, "Work Gloves."  Steam Engine 3751's engineer.

Use the larger image of this shot and you'll see photo subjects in all four corners of this photo, I finally made it!  I originally climbed down this snowy bank to try and get some foreground in these photo runby shots then found that I'd landed in a good place for  'rule of thirds' shots.

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