How to Take Better Train Travel Photos

For an Internet Rail Travelogue, and for Personal Use.

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(The photo examples are best viewed while online, since some references are to photos on other web pages of mine.)

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6.  Photograph yourself

on location as a record of your clothing, equipment, weather, surroundings, etc.  If no one is handy to give your camera to for a shot, use a reflection.  In the images below, if there is a camera in my hand, then it is a self-portrait in a reflective substance, if not, then someone took the picture of me with my or their camera.
This self-portrait (above) is outside the Chicago Amtrak Station.

This was a quick self-portrait just before boarding the Gold Line in Los Angeles.  I flipped the image horizontally so the Union Station sign read properly.

The Cafe Car Attendant, in Glenwood Springs, shot this picture of me and sent it to my e-mail address.  I did the same of an earlier on-train shot of him at work.  Obviously I didn't have a free hand to be dealing with a camera at the time!
Another shot by the same Amtrak employee, pretty great composition, reflection, station name, Amtrak logo, and the Amtrak car.

Photo Credit:  Don Drummer
This was by a friend using my camera, on the Coast Starlight, in the Parlour Car, judging from my shirt, it was about wine tasting time!

Across the street from the Glenwood Springs Depot is an unusual curved window.  It was useful for getting the whole station in a picture, and I had my silhouette in the corner.

Photo Credit:  Sue Morrison

A flash was needed for this shot of me and 'The Train Singer' awaiting the Skunk Train's arrival since we were shaded by a patio cover.  Performers love to have their picture taken because it means free advertisement in your travelogue.

Photo Credit:  Don "Preacher" Roe


Photo Credit:  Sue Morrison
Use a flash inside the car if the subject is backlighted, be at an angle to the window so the flash does not flare on the window.  Put elements in the photo to help you identify the trip:  Amtrak Hat, TrainWeb Shirt, Light controls of a room (not coach), desert must be the Southwest Chief.

Photo Credit:  Sue Morrison

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