How to Take Better Train Travel Photos

For an Internet Rail Travelogue, and for Personal Use.

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(The photo examples are best viewed while online, since some references are to photos on other web pages of mine.)

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10.  Have a main subject and an interesting foreground and background.

This Niles, CA, station photograph, with foreground flowers hiding the fact that the rails do not run past the station, is an example of using a foreground to your advantage.
This detail shot of the Niles Station pillars emphasizes point # 7.

My subject was the Pacific Ocean's coastline, and how close it is to the right-of-way near Santa Barbara.  I was in the Parlour Car and throught without the foreground flowers, the coastline would be uneventful.  This image shows that I was on the Coast Starlight.

The foreground (right), in the Parlour Car at wine-tasting time just after San Luis Obispo, actually has a background of central California hills very near vineyards that produce the wine we were tasting this day.  Photoshop could eliminate that broken fern leaf.

Again, my goal was a picture of the coastline and its proximity to the Coast Starlight, but an interesting, offcenter foreground object enhances the photo.  Caption:  Beach House

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