How to Take Better Train Travel Photos

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I've written this web site with the photos on this page sized to 72 pixels per inch resolution (for web viewing) and 320 x 240 pixels size, linked to larger 640 x 480 sized photos.  Steve Grande, owner of, suggested this arrangement for the reports we write for TrainWeb.  This allows the viewer/reader to click on any picture in the report for a double-sized image, or to read the report without clicking and just viewing the photos in the smaller size.  Of course I shoot all photos in the highest/finest resolution my camera will shoot and archive the originals (on CD or external hard drive) for use in magazines or to print up to 11 x 14 inch size.

Twenty Tips for Better Train Travel Photos

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  1. The Best Light is Horizontal
  2. Use both Horizontal and Vertical format
  3. Use a Size Indicator
  4. Photograph the location in 3 or more shots
  5. Crop Your Photos
  6. Photograph Yourself
  7. Take Close-Ups
  8. Follow the Rule of Thirds
  9. Border Your Photographs
  10. Have an Interesting Foreground and Background
  11. Shoot from different angles, and take unique, behind-the-scenes shots.
  12. Don't Stop Shooting When the Sun Goes Down
  13. Pan Your Camera with the Train.
  14. Use Leading Lines
  15. Study other Photographers' Pictures
  16. Be Prepared
  17. Post-Production Editing
  18. The Challenge of Shooting Through Train Windows, Open Vestibules, and Rear Platforms.
  19. Shooting Pictures of the Train on which you are traveling 
  20. Interior Shots of Your Train.

If you are following these photos during the live show, search this page for the photo number we are discussing, like:  1.3 or 3.5, etc. and read the information by the small photo, then double-click the photo for a 640 x 480 pixel sized copy for better detail.

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